ArcadeSwapMeet.com is the brainchild of bottlejunkie and Mattroid, conceived shortly after the First Annual North Houston Coin-Op Swap Meet (2012). The North Houston Coin-Op Swap Meet was started by bottlejunkie and first announced on the KLOV forums on 3/15/2012 and took place on 4/28/2012.

After the swap meet, bottlejunkie expressed interest in creating a site to announce the next swap meet, should it come to pass. Mattroid offered to create and host the site and through discussions over the next several months, the site you see before you was born. Several ideas were tossed around in terms of content for the site, aside from just announcing the swap meet. In the end, it was decided that the site should maintain a calendar for just such events to be recorded, which can be added to by any member of the site. Additionally, chat room was added for simple discussion of events and other coin-op related topics (with a forum planned). The main site is expected to serve many purposes such as reviewing games, linking to great coin-op deals and auctions, and of course keeping you up to date on any events that you may find interesting.

So what does the future hold? No one knows for sure. Be sure to keep an eye on ArcadeSwapMeet.com to find out!